1. Does 15K SAS still make cents?

    Does 15K SAS still make cents?

    I am sure there are occasions where drive performance doesn’t really matter and you can’t justify spending even a little more to get faster performance.  But why limit yourself?  Prices for solid state drives (SSDs) have come down so much over the past couple years making it difficult to justify buying spinning disks, especially the more expensive 15K SAS drives.

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  2. Deployment Scenarios for the Dell PowerEdge FX

    Deployment Scenarios for the Dell PowerEdge FX

    The Dell PowerEdge FX enclosure might, at first, be a bit of a mystery. For all intents and purposes, this is a 2U rack mount blade chassis and, in many ways, it is the baby sibling of the 5U VRTX enclosure.

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  3. Booting Dell PowerEdge from SD Card

    Booting Dell PowerEdge from SD Card

    Many Dell PowerEdge servers have an option to boot select hypervisors from either a single SD card or dual mirrored SD cards. The advantage of this is that the server can be diskless or the local storage is not consumed by the hypervisor. The primary drawback is that SD cards are not meant for continuous writes so only hypervisors that do not routinely write to the OS partition are supported. A second drawback is that reads and writes are slow so it works best for OS’s that are fully load into memory during the boot process.

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  4. Best use cases for VRTX machines

    Best use cases for VRTX machines

    The VRTX is a 5U rackmount or optional pedestal blade chassis that can hold up to four blade servers along with a shared DAS storage array that connects to all of the blades. What makes the VRTX unique is that it mixes a traditional SAS-based DAS drive enclosure (equivalent to a normal 2U drive array) into the same enclosure as four blade servers. Typical blade enclosures focus on a large number of blades in a single enclosure and either attempt to fit storage into the blade form factor or expect that storage will be handled externally.

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  5. xByte Technologies Inside Look

    xByte Technologies Inside Look

    Get a look inside xByte Technologies and the people behind the company.

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